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fundraising @ club 54


Over $1,000,000 has been raised over the years by local Sports teams and charities by using Club 54 Fundraisers.

This is truly the Quickest, Easiest and Most Profitable

Fundraising Concept in Ontario…Guaranteed.

You keep 100% of the ticket money for your organization,

you’ll bring in more total money than any other fundraiser.

No Costs To You, No Work To Do and

No Up Front Expenses Whatsoever!

Perfect for all Sports Teams, Dance Studios, schools, charities, Stag & Does, etc.

Fundraising, club 54
club 54 fundraising


Here’s how it works:

1. You pick a date for your fundraiser.

2. We print the tickets and set everything up.

3. You distribute the tickets to your people and start selling.

It’s that simple -

your group sells the tickets and we do all the rest.


Your Profit:

You Keep 100% of the Ticket Revenue.

fundraising tickets

All you need to do is email us and pick a date to have your Friday or Saturday Comedy Night. We custom print your tickets with your logo, you and your volunteers sell them – and 100% of the money from the ticket sales is yours. You can set either a $10, $15 or $20 ticket price. You'll MAKE UP TO $20 PROFIT ON EACH TICKET SOLD.

What we do :

– We provide the comedians and a fully staffed comedy club

for a hilarious 60 minute show.

– We print and provide the custom made tickets for you to sell.


What you do:

– You and your group will sell tickets to the event.

– You keep 100% of the money from the ticket sales.

– There are Absolutely no up-front costs.

Here’s what you can make (at $20 a ticket):

If you sell 50 – you make $1000

If you sell 100 – you make $2000.

If you sell 200 – you make $4000.

If you sell 300 – you make $6000.

Raise thousands of dollars and have a blast while doing it – and you don’t have to book a hall, hire the entertainment or print up tickets.

We take all the work, expenses and worries away.

Email Us at

Our Fundraisers are so easy because WE DO ALL THE WORK,


Please read a few testimonials:

Tosha L.

Hi Gene & the Staff at Club 54,

What can we say? You made it possible for us to raise a ton of money (over $5000.00) for

our sick friend. We are grateful beyond words! We will be back – and we will say nothing but

good things about Club 54!


West Mountain Roughriders Minor Football Team

“We raised $3,500 for our football team…this is a fantastic way to fundraise!

We’ll definitely do it again next year. Thanks so much.”

Annette D.

Dave W.

Hi Gene,

Just wanted to send a sincere thank-you for allowing us to hold our fundraiser at Club 54.

We were able to raise around $2500 from ticket sales.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the show. Thanks again, it was greatly appreciated.



(Milton Magic Soccer)

Hi Gene,

Thank you so much for helping Milton Magic Boys U10 Soccer Rep Team with the fundraiser.

It was a huge success. In total we raised $2,253.00.

Everyone loved the show and stayed after to dance.

People were surprised how great the night club was.

We all had an amazing time and will definitely return for another fun night out.

N. MacLean

(Weekend to End Women’s Cancers)

Hi Gene,

A huge thank you to you and all at Club 54 for making our fundraiser

so easy and so much fun!

We raised $1700.00 from ticket sales.

Hope to see you again next year!

Many thanks,

Mallory R.

Hi Gene,

We just wanted to e-mail to say thank you for providing us with the opportunity to host our first fundraiser for Dance Ability. The fundraiser was so easy to organize thanks to Club 54. Everyone who came enjoyed the show and had a fantastic night, the comedians were great. With only three of us primarily selling tickets we raised $900 which we were very happy with!
Thanks again for your support, we would highly recommend this fundraiser to other groups!

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